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Titanium Industrial Security was born in 2016 with the mission of being a company both nationally and internationally in advising and accompanying companies on cybersecurity in Connected Industry (Industry 4.0 / Smart Factory / IIoT).

Our resources have proven experience in the world of industrial cybersecurity, with prestigious certifications recognized worldwide and having participated in security projects for multiple sectors such as power generation, transportation, manufacturing, etc.

Among the values we promote, we must highlight our commitment and passion for what we do.

Cyber attacks on industrial environments, a growing problem

In recent years, industrial cybersecurity has become an issue that can no longer be ignored. IT / OT managers are in the need of re-evaluating how insurance systems are industrial control and adjacent systems (Classical IT environments). Titanium Industrial Security was born with the mission of offering industrial cybersecurity services that allow us to improve and adapt to the ever more demanding security requirements in order to face growing threats such as being able to comply with regulations imposed in a sectoral way.


As a sample of some of the services offered by Titanium Industrial Security, the following can be mentioned:

Ethical Hacking

The objective of ethical hacking services is to know what the response of the organization is to an external or internal attack to a plant using techniques used by real attackers.

OT Regulatory Compliance

The objective of the OT Compliance Services is to guide and accompany companies that are required to comply with regulations and standards with knowledge of various fields and subjects with which to facilitate adaptation to them.

Cybersecurity and Accompaniment Consulting

The objective of the Technical Consulting and OT Accompaniment services is to provide the client with expert resources with which to face the challenges of cybersecurity in complex OT environments.

Industrial Cyber Security Laboratory

The main objective of the laboratory is to have a controlled environment where we can carry out tests, developments and evaluations as realistic as possible of products (own or third parties) and security solutions, simulating a complete industrial ecosystem that is useful both to our customers and To Titanium itself.

Incident Response

The objective of the incident response service is to prepare the client so that in case of a security incident, he can react adequately by detecting, containing and recovering normal operation.

Industrial MSS

With the Industrial Managed Security Services we allow you to dedicate to your business without worrying about the management of your cybersecurity. Leave it to the professionals to protect your critical assets.

Product Integration

Titanium Industrial Security has a wide portfolio of specific cybersecurity solutions, which have been carefully evaluated and selected by our specialists in a laboratory environment.

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